Theodore Roosevelt National Park

August 20, 2017

We visited the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park for a quick pit stop along our route home. We drove the Scenic Loop from the Visitor Center to the Wind Canyon Trail towards the back of the park. The winding road to the trail lead us past many overlooks and prairie dog hills. We had to be on the lookout for suicide prairie dogs as they would dash across the road without warning. Bison and elk frequent this park so we kept a close eye out for the bigger game wildlife too. The only thing we came across was a lone bison atop a large hill. 

We reached the Wind Canyon trail and began to hike. The hike is a .5 mile loop nature trail which features a wind-sculpted canyon and magnificent views of the Little Missouri River. With little elevation change, this was a nice and easy hike to wrap up our Western Hiking Adventure!  





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