Diamond Beach – Iceland’s Most Interesting Places

September 4, 2018

Just four and a half hours East of Reykjavik, along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the crown jewel of Iceland; Diamond Beach. The nearby Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon feeds the shores of Diamond Beach with thousands of mini icebergs. The contrast of the clear/milky icebergs against the black sand beach is truly spectacular.


With being so far from the tourist home-base of Reykjavik, Diamond beach is not nearly as crowded as Reynisfjara Beach. It is also a far safer beach. Sneaker waves and rip currents are not notorious for whisking away tourists at Diamond Beach. However, it is not advised to go for a dip here either. The icebergs are slippery and jagged, and the freezing water will send you into hypothermia within minutes.

You can park at the lot right above the beach and talk a quick two minute walk to the shore so, like most things in Iceland, it is very accessible. 


We visited Diamond Beach on an overcast day, and the beach was still sparkling with “diamonds”. The best part of Diamond Beach is just walking along the shore and looking at all the mini icebergs and the shapes they form. We saw one that looks like a swan and another in the shape of an arrowhead.


Be sure to go across the street to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. You can see much larger, blue tinted icebergs along with families of seals that call the shores near the Lagoon home.


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