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90% Goat, 10% Yoga

April 27, 2019

About 45 minutes Southeast of Phoenix is a town called Gilbert. Not only does this town have an amazing marshmallow cafe/s'mores bar (Toasted Mallow), but the town also offers a unique yoga experience you have to experience to believe. 

Goat Yoga in Gilbert, AZ has been rated #1 in the world. It's owners, April and Sarah, created GoatYoga.com in 2015, and it has continued to grow across the United States ever since. Goat Yoga has been recognized in the Guinness book of World Records, and April and Sarah have been featured on The Amazing Race, Ozzy and Jack World Detour, American Ninja Warrior, Start-Up, The List, and Ellen’s Game of Games.


When you arrive to the farm, you are greeted at the gate by dozens of goats, big and small, dressed in cute outfits. Tutued goats were abundant, the Alpacas had Moroccan style scarves and beads, and there was even a Donald Trump goat (much, much cuter than the real Trump!) As I walked through the gate I was greeted by a tiny black goat in a tutu. I picked him up, and he instantly rested his head back on my chest and fell sleep. Yes, he fell asleep on me! I don't know what else could be more adorable.

Class was about to begin, and April and Sarah start off by saying Goat Yoga is 90% Goat and 10% Yoga. That statement couldn't have been more true. Class started early but the Arizona sun was already scorching, and there was little shade at the farm. The anticipated easy and basic yoga class turns into hot yoga real quick. Plus, there are adorable little goats running all around, so your attention is not focused on the work out. As the goats come around, you can prop up into downward dog, and wait until you feel a goat jump onto your back. Another fun pose was to lunge into Warrior I and watch a goat prance around the large yoga circle in between everyone's legs.


Now I want a goat.
Check out www.goatyoga.com for more information, and class schedules. 






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