Stiles Falls

Because we hadn't hiked in a while, and had just hiked the 7.7 mile Tinker Cliffs trail the day before, we were looking for a short enjoyable hike to do before we made our road trip back to Chicago.

After sitting on the AllTrails app for what seemed to be hours, we decided on Stiles Falls. It was close to Christiansburg, where we were staying, and was rated as an easy 4.1 mile out and back hike.

The trailhead is located on a Methodist Camp (Alta Mons) in Shawsville and is open to the public to hike for free. The first mile, at least, is very flat as you are following the road back to where the trail goes into the the trees. From there you wind through the stream, crossing it three times, and up some rocks until you reach the stunning 40 foot waterfall.

We only saw a dozen or so people on the trail, and were able to enjoy the falls for about ten minutes without anyone else being there. Stiles Falls was the perfect way to wrap up a quick road trip to Virigina.

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